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 ABS Plastic RV Alcove Shower Pans and Surrounds

*Our RV Shower Pans and Surrounds are discontinued. We have a handful of them left on the floor. Please note that when we sell them, they will go the way of the buffalo, kemosabe.

*Composed of ABS Plastic- It weighs 20-25% less than fiberglass, and it is tougher and lasts longer than coated fiberglass.

*Available in white or parchment (right drain only). 

We are sorry, but we do not sell RV plumbing parts.

*Tub drain hole (2″ wide) located on the left or right.

*Hard-foam support blocks are permanently attached to the bottom of the shower pan deck.

*Pan is 5″ tall (mounting flange not included in height measurement)

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