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“Amerimax” Steel Vertical Panel for Siding or Skirting- 32 ½” Wide x 96″ Tall- White/ Cream


Cut from 36″ coil-stock, our vertical steel panels actually measure 32.5″ in width (from edge to “V” groove on other edge). The remaining raw edge slides easily into the next panel’s “V” groove, and so on- 32 gauge- Each panel has a light corrugated pattern with a centerline on each raised mesa, and a rough cedar embossment (RCE) / woodgrain finish- May be used as siding or skirting.

Panels are easily cut to custom shape or length by tin snips.

All non-stock orders (colors not listed among the choices in the drop down box) require a minimum order of 10 pieces.

For more details see the links below.

Unless you can pick it up at our warehouse, or you live close enough for our local truck delivery, this product must ship on a pallet by LTL freight!

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