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Vinyl Window Shutters

They’re called shutters but they don’t shut. They do look nice on your home, and without them your home looks more like a trailer. Don’t let your home look like a trailer- buy some nice shutters!

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About Our Shutters

Maintenance free.

 *Durable copolymer material, color molded throughout.

 Deep simulated wood-grained texture, formed edges and corners.

 UV stabilized- Made to withstand the toughest weather conditions.

Use on any surface including wood, aluminum, vinyl, stucco, fiber, cement, brick, stone or masonry.

Holds tight in any material- Includes fasteners.

Won’t chip, rot, or warp.

Available Colors

Note: The colors shown on this page are digital representations and may not reflect the exact color of the item. For further assistance please contact us!



Wedgewood Blue


Federal Brown

Musket Brown

Tuxedo Gray


Burgundy Red

Forest Green

Classic Blue


Bright White

Midnight Green

Midnight Blue



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