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How to Determine the Tonnage for Your Home’s HVAC System

Air conditioning systems come in several sizes, called tonnages, according to different sizes and conditions of mobile homes. If you don’t have the right tonnage, your home will never feel comfortable. Here is a handy guide for knowing what is right for you when shopping for air conditioning.

First you must determine the square footage of your home, which is really easy- multiply the entire length by the entire width of the home in feet.

Example- 14′ x wide by 60′ long= 840 Square feet

Mobile homes normally have ducting to every room, and there are no garages, basements, or attics to consider in your calculations, and you can measure from the outside.

If you have any built-in porches or decks like this home, subtract the square footage of those areas from your overall square footage.

Next step- Multiply the Square Footage by 25- this will give you the BTU Value.

Example- 840 sq. ft. x 25= 21,000 BTU

You’re not done yet- we’re going to add some more numbers. Next- how many people live in the house? Let’s say you have a family of four. For each person add 400 to your BTU total.

Example- 4 people x 400= 1,600. Add 1,600 to 21,000 to get 22,600.

Now count up all the exterior doors and windows, no matter what the size (water heater doors don’t count). For each door or window add 1,000 to your BTU total.

Example- 2 doors + 11 windows= 13 units x 1,000= 13,000. Add 13,000 to 22,600 to get 35,600.

Finally take you total BTU number and divide by 12,000. 

Example- 35,600/12,000= 2.9666, which rounds up to 3. This particular home requires a 3 ton set-up!

Now you have a clearer idea about tonnage. When ordering Condensing Units, Packaged Units, Heat Pumps, Furnaces and A-Coils, make sure each item you order has matching tonnage!

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