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Exterior Refurb

 Exterior Vents

Sidewall Exhaust Fans

Roof Vent Caps

Roofing Materials

Drip Rails and Mini-Gutter

Roof Stabilizing Buttons

Flush-Mount Skylights

Flooring Reinforcement Items

Steel Siding Repair Items

Steel Siding Color Chart

Underbelly Repair Items

Underbelly Closure Material

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Light Mounts

Soffit Panels

Lapsiding Panels

Receptacle Mounts

Siding Color Chart

Vinyl Siding Trim


Door Index

Exterior Out-Swing Doors

Exterior Out-Swing Fiberglass Doors

Modular Office Doors

Radial Corner RV Doors

Square Cornered RV Doors

Water Heater Doors

Storm Doors for Flush Mount Application
Storm Doors for Extruded Jamb Mount

Exterior In-Swing Doors

Combination In-Swing Paneled Steel Doors

In-Swing Residential Steel Doors

Exterior Sliding Patio Doors

Interior Door Index

Interior Door Slabs

Interior Door Jambs

Interior Door Hinges

Interior Door Locksets and Door Knobs

Interior Door Wall Guards

Door Accessories

Exterior Door Locksets and Hardware

Door Windows

Door and Window Installation Kits

Drip Caps

Knockers and Viewers

Storm Door Hardware


  Electrical Items

Dryer Cords and Receptacles

Interior Light Switches

Interior Light Fixtures

Exterior Light Fixtures

Interior Receptacles

Exterior Receptacles

Replacement "Dog-Ear" Pawls

Range Cords and Receptacles

Range Related Items

Range Hood Index

30" Ductless Range Hoods

 30" Round Exhaust Range Hoods

30" Rectangular Exhaust Range Hoods

42" Ductless Range Hoods

42" Round Exhaust Range Hoods

42" Rectangular Exhaust Range Hoods

Range Hood Parts and Components

Range Hood Exterior Vents

Range Hood Extension Pipes

Smoke Alarms

Bathroom Exhaust Fans


Skirting Index

Rock Skirting

 Rock Skirting Installation Instructions Part 1

Rock Skirting Installation Instructions Part 2

Steel Skirting

Steel Skirting Panels

Steel Skirting Corner Pieces

Steel Skirting Top Trim

Steel Skirting Bottom Trim

Vinyl Skirting

Vinyl Skirting Panels

Vinyl Skirting Trim Kits

Vinyl Skirting Top Trim

Vinyl Skirting Bottom Trim

How to Calculate a Vinyl Skirting Kit

Vinyl Skirting Installation Instructions

 Ground Spikes

Aluminum "Tin" Snips

Slotted Punch Tools

Wind Stay Rods



Hex Head Screws

Magnetic Drill Fittings

Plumbing Items

Access Panels


Faucet Index

Tub and Shower Faucets
3 3/8" Tub/Shower Diverters
4" Tub/Shower Diverters
4" Tub/Shower Diverters with Riser Connections
8" Tub/Shower Diverters
8" Deck Mount Tub Fillers
8" Wall Mount Tub Fillers
Shower Heads
Shower Hoses
Shower Valves
Tub Faucet Spouts

Lavatory Faucets

Kitchen Faucets
Kitchen Faucets without Spray Hose
Kitchen Faucets with Spray Hose
Kitchen Faucets with Spray/Spout Combo

Bar Faucets

Replacement Parts for Phoenix Faucets

Replacement Parts for Empire Faucets


Tank-to-Bowl Connections

Bowl-to-Floor Connections


Toilet Water Connections

Tissue Holders

Water Heaters

Pipe and Fittings Index

ABS Pipe and Fittings

Brass Fittings

Crimp Tools and Rings

CPVC Fittings

Flair-It Plastic Fittings

Pex Tubing

Pipe Cement

Pipe Primer/ Cleaner

Pipe Thread Tape

PVC Sewer Pipe and Fittings

PVC Sewer Pipe and Fittings- Schedule 40

PVC Water Pipe and Fittings

Refrigerator Plumbing Fittings

Transitional Fittings

Tubing Cutters

Washing Machine Items

 Washer Accessories

Washer Boxes

Boiler Drains

Sink Index

Steel Kitchen Sinks

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen Sink Disposals

Kitchen Sink Hole Plugs

Kitchen Sink Basket Strainers

Kitchen Sink Plumbing Fittings

Plastic Lavatory Sinks

Lavatory Sink CO Plugs

Lavatory Sink Rubber Drain Stoppers

 Lavatory Sink Plumbing Fittings

Acrylic Sinks
Acrylic Kitchen Sinks
Acrylic Lavatory Sinks

About Our Acrylic Sinks

Acrylic Sink Installation Instructions

Acrylic Sink Color Index


Shower Pan and Wall Surround Index

Shower Doors

28 x 54 Shower Pans and Surrounds

32 x 32 Shower Pans and Surrounds

35 x 48 Shower Pans and Surrounds

35 x 60 Shower Pans and Surrounds

36 x 36 Shower Pans and Surrounds

Shower Curtains

Shower Drains and Plumbing

Shower Doors


 Step Index

36" Wide Fiberglass Steps and Railings

38" Wide "Side Approach" Fiberglass Steps and Railings

48" Wide Fiberglass Steps and Railings

72" Wide "Twin" Fiberglass Steps and Railings

Temporary Wood Steps and Railings


Interior Refurb

Carpet Accessories

Cosmetic Bathroom Fixtures

Floor Vents


Wall and Ceiling Items

Wall Panels


Ceiling Panel Related Items

Ceiling Trim


Other Molding


Sealants and Cleaners


Roof Sealants

Butyl (Putty) Tape

Roof Applications

Caulking Guns

Set-Up and Transport Index

Tie-Down Materials 


Frame Ties

Steel Strap

Strap Crimping Tools

Anchor Drive Machines

Shed Anchor Kits

Split Bolts

Set-Up Materials

Foundation Pads

Roof Flashing

Wood Blocks and Shims

Roller Systems

Steel Piers

Hydraulic Jacks

Vapor Barrier Plastic

Zip Doors

Xi2 Foundation Systems

Transport Items

Close-Up Materials

Axle and Frame Components


Windows Index

Exterior Aluminum Vertical Sliding Windows

 Exterior Window Components

 Aluminum Window Cranks and Operators

 Interior Aluminum Storm Windows

Exterior Vinyl Single-Hung Vertical Sliding Windows

Exterior Vinyl Horizontal Sliding Windows

Vinyl Window Installation Instructions

 Vinyl Window Shutters

 Windows Screens and Components

 Window Screen Assembly Instructions

Aluminum Window Locks


Bathtub and Wall Surround Index

27" x 54" Alcove Tubs

27 x 54 Center Drain Tubs

27 x 54 Left or Right Drain Tubs

Wall Surrounds for 27 x 54 Alcove Tubs

Wall "Caddy" Surrounds for 27 x 54 Alcove Tubs

Trim Kits for 27 x 54 Alcove Tubs

30" x 60" Alcove Tubs

30 x 60 Center Drain Standard Tubs

30 x 60 Left or Right Drain Standard Tubs

Wall Surrounds for 30 x 60 Alcove Tubs

54" Corner Tubs

54" Center Drain Corner Tubs

54" Right Hand Drain Corner Tubs

54" Right Hand Drain Corner Tubs with No Apron

 Wall Surrounds for 54" Corner Tubs

Access Panels for 54" Corner Tubs

40" x 54" Alcove Garden Tubs

40 x 54 No-Step Garden Tubs

40 x 54 Outside Step Garden Tubs

Wall Surrounds for 40 x 54 Alcove Tubs

40" x 60" Alcove Garden Tubs

40 x 60 No-Step Garden Tubs

40 x 60 Outside Step Garden Tubs

Wall Surrounds for 40 x 60 Alcove Tubs

42 x 60 No-Step Alcove Garden Tubs

Wall Surrounds for 42 x 60 Alcove Tubs

46 x 60 Outside Step Alcove Garden Tubs

Wall "Caddy" Surrounds for Alcove Tubs Larger than 27 x 54

Bathtubs with Permalux Finish

Bathtubs with Permalux Plus Bottom Coating

Bathtubs with Whirlpool Jets

Bathtub Drains and Plumbing

Bathtub Access Doors

Rivets for Wall Surrounds

 Island/ Drop-In Tubs

42 x 60 Oval Drop-In Tubs

42 x 64 Ophelia Drop-In Tubs

44 x 62 Oval Drop-In Tubs

HVAC (Heating, Venting, Air Conditioning)

Packaged AC Units

Packaged Heat Pumps

Replacement Heat Strips for Packaged Units

Dryer Vents

Ducting Supplies

Split System AC Units

Split System Heat Pumps


Pre-Charged Line Sets and Stub Kits

Electric Furnaces

Gas Furnaces

Furnace Peripherals

AC Unit Foundation Pads

Coil Shelf Kits

AC Thermostats

RV Ventadomes



Close-Up Tape

Spray Adhesives

Liquid Adhesives

Pipe Cement

Underbelly Tape and Adhesive

"Serving You Best"