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Build your Very Own Radius Corner RV Door!

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About our Series 5050RC RV Doors and Standard Features

Standard Call Sizes and Prices

Door Skin Options

Window Options

Lockset Options

Door Frame/Screen Door Options



Installation Kits

RV Door Parts


How to Measure for the Call Size of an RV Door

Installation Instructions

Outside view, pictured with optional window and flush-mount lock.

See options below.

About Our Series 5050 RV Door with Rounded Corners

Inside view. Window optional.

See options below.


* For travel trailers, motor-homes, or mobile homes. *Damage resistant fiberglass interior and exterior.
*Precision one-piece aluminum frame is ready for installation.    *Extruded hinges with stainless steel bushings and full-length hinge pin provide sturdy core to frame connection.
 *Extruded aluminum screen door frame is designed to withstand heavy use. *Complies with DOT FMVSS 206 and CMVSS 206 when lockset upgraded to flush-mount safety lock.
*Patented “Bullet-Latch” secures the screen door to the primary door and frame.  *Large molded slide-bubble glides easily and gives ready access to lock area.
Our RV Doors come standard with: 
*Right-Hand (hinges on right
looking from outside). Left-Hinge is optional at no charge.
*White-finish Aluminum Frame for Outside Mounting

White Pebbled Fiberglass Finish

on inside core is standard.


Also available in smooth finish.

*White Smooth Outside on White Pebbled Inside Core Door *Full Size White Finish Inside Screen Door with Molded Slide Bubble
Sealant tape and  screws are not included. *No window. See options below.

All RV doors are custom made and there are no returns.

Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery!

Our Call-Size Base Price Chart- Start here to build your customized door!

How to Identify Left or Right Hand:
Look at the door from the outside of the home.
The side with the hinges determines left or right hand.
(Example: hinges on the right, right-hand door)
*Shipping Note: All RV Doors must ship by freight. The national average for shipping and handling is $195-225. Please email or call us for an exact quote.
Use this handy chart to determine the base price for
your RV Door, according to the Call Size.
(These prices do not include shipping/handling, applicable taxes, or any upgrade charges
listed below on this page)▼

Note: The "call size" is the measurement of the stud-to-stud rough opening in the wall, and not
the exact measurement of the door itself! 

Please note– finished door insets will be ½"

narrower than the listed call size.

For more help on how to measure for this door, go here.
Width ►

Height ▼

22" 24" 26" 28" 30" 32"
70" $389.66 $401.34 $413.30 $425.78 $438.56 $451.72
72" $397.45 $409.37 $421.57 $434.30 $447.33 $460.76
74" $405.40 $417.56 $430.08 $442.99 $456.28 $469.99
76" $413.56 $425.92 $438.69 $451.85 $465.40 $479.42
78" $421.84 $434.46 $447.47 $460.89 $474.72 $489.16
80" $430.28 $443.15 $456.42 $470.14 $484.25 $498.48



Other Options Available-

*Add any upgrade charges to your call-size base price.


Door Frame and Surround Options

choose one color **choose/add**

White Door Frame and Surround  (Standard)
Black Door Frame and Surround  *Optional- No Charge
Mill Finish Door Frame and Surround  Deduct  $3.00
**Interior Metal Trim Ring -- (White/Black)  ► Add  $17.25
**Flexible Screw Cover -- (White/Black)  Add  $8.40
Interior Screen Door Options
**only one option**
Less Screen Door (needed for KnobxLever, KnobxKnob ,Deadbolt Lockset Options)  Deduct  $17.00
White Painted  (Standard)
Black Painted  *Optional- No Charge
**UPGRADE to Heavier Screen Door (White/Black)  Add  $16.50
Mill Finish Screen Door Deduct  $3.00
7" Kick-Panel -- White Fiberglass   Add  $15.85
7" Kick-Panel -- Black Aluminum   Add  $15.85
(1 or 2) Crossbar Mill (bottom half of screen)  Add
(1) $3.20  (2) $6.40
(1 or 2) Crossbar White (bottom half of screen)  Add
(1) $3.20  (2) $6.40
(1 or 2) Crossbar Black (bottom half of screen)  Add
(1) $3.20  (2) $6.40
**Screen Door Slide Bubble - (White/Black)  No Charge
Gas Strut f/Screen Door (at bottom by threshold)  Add  $24.75
Exterior Skin Options
choose one
Smooth White Fiberglass (.045)   (Standard)
**Pebbled Fiberglass -- (White/Off-White/Light Tan/Medium Brown)   Deduct  $11.75
Smooth White Heavy Gauge Fiberglass (.050)   Add  $23.25
**Smooth Aluminum -- (Red/Black/Silver)   Add  $38.50

Interior Skin Options

choose one

White Pebbled HDPE  (Standard)
**Pebbled Fiberglass -- (Off-White/Light Tan/Medium Brown)     Add  $20.75
Smooth White Fiberglass (0.045)    Add  $37.00
**Smooth Aluminum -- (Red/Black/Silver)     Add  $68.00
Window Options
choose one
**12 x 21 RC (Radius Corner) -- (Clear Glass/Obscure Glass/Dark Grey Tint Glass)
(White Frame/Black Frame) 
Add  $33.75
**10 x 10 Picture Window - Clear Temp Glass - White Frame -- (Square/Diamond)   diamondwhite Add  $13.25
4 x 24 Picture Window - Clear Temp Glass - White Frame     Add  $13.25
**14 x 27 Vertical Slider Window - Mill Frame -- (Clear Temp Glass/Obscure Glass)      Add  $51.50 
Lockset Options
choose one
**Flush Non-Safety w/Integral Deadbolt (2 key cylinders) -- (White/Black/Chrome)      chromenslock Add $38.15
Flush 2-Pin Safety -- Black     Add $79.25 
Flush Programmable Keyless -- Black    Add  $115.00
Knob x Lever Lock -- Chrome (Only With No Screen Door)  knobxleverlock Add $15.50
Knob x Knob Lock -- Chrome (Only With No Screen Door)  knobknoblock
Keyed Deadbolt -- Chrome (Only With No Screen Door)  chromedeadbolt


*Shipping Note: All RV Doors must ship by freight. The national average for shipping and handling is $195-$225. Please email or call us for an exact quote. Shipping/handling and taxes are not included in the price of the item. Shipping/Handling estimates are based on a single shipment (one item ordered) to most residences in the 48 contiguous United States. We can and will combine shipping whenever possible to give you the most economical shipping rate. Shipping rates will be higher for more expedited shipments.  

Please e-mail us for more information about your order, and don't forget to mention the part numbers!

"Serving You Best"
Please Order by Part Number!

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